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NFTArt Ai app will help you create your own NFTs simply by describing what you want to see and our artificial intelligence transforms your words into NFTs.

Every NFTArt Ai holder will be able to stake NFT up to 2 NFTs for holding less then 0.1% of the total supply !

Up to 3 NFTs for holding more then 0.5% of total supply.

Up to 5 NFTs for holding more then 1% of total supply l.


NFTART AI is a latest ETH based Token

NFTArt Al NFTs are a new type of NFT that cater to a broader audience of people from different communities like artists, tech enthusiasts and people passionate about artificial intelligence, blockchain and the up-and-coming Metaverse. By leveraging deep learning techniques in areas like computer vision, language and speech processing, creators can leverage these two technologies to manifest new ideas and trends.


Phase 1
  • • Social Media set up: Twitter, Reddit and Telegram
  • • Website development V1
  • • Stealth Launch on ERC 20
  • • Influencers & Youtubers
  • • Staking Platform
  • • White Paper
  • • Art AI APP V1
  • • NFTs staking

Phase 2
  • • Website V2
  • • Partnership
  • • Listed on CMC
  • • Listed on CG
  • • Asia Marketing started
Phase 3
  • • Exchanges Listing CEX
  • • Large Marketing Campaigns
Phase 4
  • ◦ New Utility to be announced & new marketing push to follow


Ask Me Anything Sessions

Whether you have a question on one of our services or want to get involved with our mission we are ready to help.
Follow our AMA session and ask question to get up to date with all the recent information.

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